Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Week, Two Demos

It's been a busy week for tea ceremony demonstrations.

Sunday, March 20, was our monthly tea demo and talk at the Ink People Center for the Arts. No one attended, so we made each other bowls of tea and Harvey-sensei taught us warigeko  as we practiced folding our fukusa.

Tuesday, March 22, Harvey-sensei, Laura and Kristin demonstrated Chanoyu to a class of about 40 students of Asian art history at Humboldt State University. Harvey gave a short lecture and demonstrated ryakubondate-temae. Then Laura and Kristin kicked into high gear and made bowl after bowl of tea for students who wanted to try matcha -- they whisked individual bowls of tea, then poured it into paper cups. Best of all, their efforts were well received.  Gambatte, Team Humboldt!
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