Mission and Vision

Horai Center for the Study of Pacific Culture (Horai Center) is a DreamMaker program of the Ink People Center for the Arts of Eureka, Calif. Our mission is to to increase understanding, harmony and cultural exchange between the people of the United States and those of other Pacific cultures.

Our initial focus is the study and promotion of Japanese arts and culture, especially Cha-no-yu (the Tea Ceremony) and Chado (The Way of Tea). Our mission is guided by the Four Principles of Tea: Wa (harmony), Kei (respect), Sei (purity) and Jaku (tranquillity).

To realize our mission, Horai Center will:

  1. Study, practice and promote Chado and Chanoyu and the practices, arts, crafts and cultures which have influenced and continue to influence them;
  2. Strive to educate the public about Chado and Chanoyu through a variety of venues including, but not limited to, demonstrations and workshops;
  3. Study other Pacific cultures and promote cultural exchange;
  4. Maintain and expand our collection of equipment (dogu) and library;
  5. Strive to establish permanent facilites.

Please make a donation to the
Ink People Center for the Arts for Horai Center.
Horai Center holds regular demonstrations and discussions of Chanoyu. Individual instruction in Chanoyu (Urasenke school) is also available. For details, contact us at horai.center@gmail.com

Eureka-Kamisu Sister City Association

We became acquainted with members of the Kamisu International Friendship Association on their visit to Eureka and Humboldt County in August 2008. On a trip to Japan in the spring of 2010, we visited Kamisu and received their warm hospitality. We currently serve on the Eureka-Kamisu sister city committee.

The Eureka-Kamisu Sister City Corporation was founded in 1991. Kamisu is a port city on Japan's east coast. The Sister City relationship offers an opportunity for the two cities to gain valuable benefits through exchanges of art, culture, education, and commerce.