Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I <3 Google

I randomly clicked on a Google ad and found a website with a lovely introduction to Tea. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't be gone so long next time

Long-time Tea Friends Becky and David have returned to the West Coast after a seven year quest to obtain the Holy Grail of Higher Education, first in New Mexico, then in Arkansas. Becky just earned a PhD in public health education and has accepted an associate professorship at a university in Washington. They were passing through town on their way to their new home in Washington.

David began studying Tea with Harvey in the ’80s, but has not practiced in years. He was able to make a bowl of tea with coaching from Kristin (above). His knees weren't up to it so Kristin and Harvey finished making tea for Laura, Becky, Pia and Holly. More photos in the photo album.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lazy Tea Practice in the Kitchen

This week's practice was at the kitchen counter.

Kind of awkward for whisking the tea, but we were all feeling a little bit lazy. Blame it on summer. At least we enjoyed sweets and tea, and Pia remembered how much she'd forgotten about making tea. Some more photos are in the Photo Album.

Two weeks ago we practiced with the ladle.

New Tea Tales

Shuai Chen's latest installment of Tea Tales in the Times-Standard, "The Covered Bowl Has A Long History":

There are a total of 25 Chinese tea wares, according to Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty, who is the author of the “Book of Tea” and a recognized “Sage of Tea.”

All tea wares can be divided into several categories, including bowls, cups, pots and so on. Choosing the suitable wares for a tea ceremony, be it formal or informal, is based on personal choices and customs, certain conditions and even one's aesthetic standards....

Click here to read on.