Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eureka Sakura Report

What is the saying, hope springs eternal? After more than a week of terrible news from Japan, we are ready for an eternally hopeful spring. Let's celebrate O-Higan!

Eureka's cherry trees greet the spring with freshly-opened flower buds. On my way home from work yesterday I took note of the status of several of my favorite trees:

Eureka Gazebo in Old Town, 2nd and F streets

Eureka City Hall, 6th & L

Henderson Center Pharmacy, F and Grotto streets

Umpqua Bank, Henderson Center, Grotto St. between E & F streets

Cherry Blossom Bakery, Henderson Center, E St.

           Residence, Lucas and Harrison streets -- status TBD

Our own cherry trees are not far behind. The Kanzan in the front yard didn't get pruned this year, but still has good form. It is a dark pink variety that blooms late. The Yoshino in the back yard is an early bloomer, its buds are ready to burst open.

Sakura icons are from the website http://hanami.walkerplus.com, which features a beautifully interactive sakura report. Total eye-candy.
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