Sunday, April 26, 2009

Princess Taiping rammed by unknown vessel

We received this message over the weekend:

"Hello all

Bad news, the Princess Taiping capsized off the coast of Taiwan, near Suao. All were rescued. We hope to hear from Angela and the rest of the crew soon. Our thoughts are with you.

Here is the url of the article:

Amy, Dennis Sean, Ryan Lily"

The Princess Taiping, a replica Chinese junk, was struck by an unknown vessel and sunk off the coast of Taiwan. She had nearly completed her round-trip of the Pacific Ocean.

The Princess Taiping visited Humboldt Bay, Eureka, in October 2008 (see Previous Posts, below). Harvey and the crew enjoyed friendly maritime exchanges of tea, chess and boat talk, and we exchanged ensigns with the captain and crew.

Here's a more detailed story on The China Post:
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- “We all but made it,” Nelson Liu bemoaned yesterday…
And from the BBC:

A replica 16th-Century junk has sunk off Taiwan, one day short of completing an epic voyage to the US and back.…

We're very grateful to the Taiwanese Coast Guard for rescuing the crew of the Princess Taiping but deeply saddened at the loss of their beautiful ship.

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