Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I've missed

Blink, blink. Here are some recent Tea Tales by Shuai Chen we managed to overlook.

TEA TALES: Flower teas go well with other teas
10/22/2008 - Chinese tea is not all about those green leaves. There's a small category generally known as flower tea that includes many kinds of flowers you could find in China.

TEA TALES: Esteemed tea began as a mistake
01/21/2009 - Pu'er tea: It has medicinal powers as well as being a tea. It's considered a “drinkable antique.” Its value increases over time, like some stocks.

TEA TALES: Poem tells the story of a friendship
09/03/2008 - Experts in Chinese tea history have concluded that during the Tang Dynasty, there were three events of major significance. One was “The Book of Tea,” written by Lu Yu.
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