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Tea Ceremony Seminar, Spring 2005, HSU

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Thursday Feb. 2, 2006

A year late in getting out this info. Ah well, it is a teaser for the upcoming 2006 seminar which will take place on February 11-12, 2006.

On the weekend of February 26-27, 2005, Harvey taught another seminar at Humboldt State University. This was the third seminar offered by the HSU Art Department with Gwen Robertson as the instructor of record.

Professor Robertson, along with Dr. Richard Paselk of the Chemistry Department, were instrumental in getting these seminars off the ground. Dr. Paselk was a long-time friend of Professor Lloyd Fulton, and offered assistance and encouragement in launching these seminars.

The seminar began on Saturday with a slide lecture and demonstration of usucha. After a lunch break, class resumed with instruction on being a good tea guest. A homework assignment was given: write a haiku to share with the class. On Sunday, there was discussion, sharing of haiku, and demonstration of dogu (chawan, chaire and natsume, scrolls, futaoki and so on). Instruction on being a guest continued until the lunch break. After lunch, students participated in a tea ceremony, either usucha or ryakubondate, and drew lots to determine guest order and which ceremony they would take part in.

Most students seem to really enjoy the class and gain insight from it.

Harvey was assisted in demonstration and instruction by Kristen Jesenko and Eric Scheenstra; Shanna Cowgil, Mie Matsumoto and Holly Harvey assisted with organizing and cleaning the dogu, and flower arrangements. We received much assistance moving tatami and dogu by Dr. Paselk and several other friends.
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