Saturday, March 29, 2008


Pronunciation: 'dOl-dr&mz, 'däl-, 'dol-
Function: noun plural
Etymology: probably akin to Old English "dol" foolish
1 : a spell of listlessness or despondency
2 often capitalized : a part of the ocean near the equator abounding in calms, squalls, and light shifting winds
3 : a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or slump


I'd like to blame this period of apparent inactivity on the weather: It's been rather warm, muggy and overcast, making me inclined to take nap (and I'm not much of a nap-taker). There are other reasons for my inactivity, which I'll deftly avoid addressing, and go on to talk about last night's tea practice.

A full complement of students appeared at the house last night, after several weeks of Kristen having company, or Annie or me having work issues, or John and Pia housesitting. I was even done with work early enough to be home in time to enjoy tea with them. Harvey, on the other hand, was having a bad day with back pain and could not sit with us in the chashitsu. We practiced basic folds for fukusa, and then had usucha.

Nikko -- the tea cat -- was particularly well-behaved and didn't eat the flowers in the tokonoma (last night's chabana was white Dicentra/bleeding hearts/Dutchman's breeches). She did sit in the tokonoma for a spell, and I commented to teshu, "Those are lovely flowers in the tokonoma. What are they?" To which Kristen replied, "They are called 'Nikko-breeches.'"
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