Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eureka City Council Renews Relationship with Sister City

The Times-Standard reported on Eureka-Kamisu sister cities today:
… [T]he council unanimously approved adopting a resolution reaffirming the sister-city relationship between Eureka and Kamisu, Japan. 
According to an agenda summary, the relationship between Eureka and Kamisu was established in 1991 to promote culture exchange, but has fallen off over the years. In 2010, the city's membership in Sister Cities International lapsed. 
The approved resolution reaffirms the council's support of a continued sister-city relationship with Kamisu and authorizes $500 to re-establish membership in Sister Cities International, a nonprofit that works to connect and strengthen sister cities.
Councilwoman Melinda Ciarabellini said she thought passing the resolution was a wonderful idea. 
"I know a family who hosted Japanese exchange students and it was just so fun to talk with them," she said. "It's amazing all of the things we find we have in common. I am excited about this. I hope we hear from a delegation soon."

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