Friday, January 20, 2012

Tea Ceremony Demonstration, Jan. 2012

We welcomed 17 people to the Ink People Center for the Arts for our first demonstration of 2012. We demonstrated ro-usucha-temae.  

Harvey-sensei welcomes our guests and gives them an introduction to Cha-no-yu.

Pia and Kristin working hard in the mizuya
After the demonstration, Pia, Kristin and I quickly made many bowls of tea in the mizuya and took turns taking them out to guests while Harvey answered questions about procedure, equipment, culture. My favorite question was from a self-posessed pre-teen who asked, "What is your position on Lemon Zinger?" As she left, she commented to her mother that she had a great time.

If weather permits, we will enjoy cherry blossom viewing at our next demonstration.
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