Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

"Carefully look at nature, including insects. It's a way of life."
-- From Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

What sounded like a Saturday monster movie matinee turned out to be a charming and thoughtful examination of the relationship of insects and Japanese people and culture. A must-see for lovers of Asian culture and insects alike:
"Like a detective story, the film untangles the web of influences behind Japan’s captivation with insects. It opens in modern-day Tokyo where a single beetle recently sold for $90,000 then slips back to the early 1800s, to the first cricket-selling business and the development of haiku and other forms of insect literature and art. Through history and adventure, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo travels all the way back in time to stories of the fabled first emperor who named Japan the 'Isle of the Dragonflies.'"
 Visit the website and view the trailer here:
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