Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tea Demo, May 22

On Sunday we hosted eight lovely guests at the Ink People Center for the Arts for a lively tea ceremony demonstration.

First, Harvey-sensei demonstrated furo-usucha, with Holly and area potter Thomas Fossier as okyaku, then Holly made usucha for other guests -- two at a time -- while Harvey answered questions. It was lovely to see familiar faces and meet interesting new people.

The highlight of the day was Thomas' new chawan, fresh from a firing in Oregon last month. He's in the process of building his own kiln, which means  (we hope!) that we'll be seeing more of his beautiful work.

Chawan made by Humboldt County potter, Thomas Fossier

We used roll-up mats for our 'chashitsu' --
lightweight and portable, but impossibly wrinkly

Information table and chabana

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