Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tea Ceremony Demonstration and Possible Cherry Blossom Viewing

Our next demonstration of Japanese Tea Ceremony is April 10. Weather permitting, we're considering gathering on the Old Town Gazebo to appreciate the blooming cherry trees and enjoy some tea. (Unofficially, of course.)

Our usual meeting place is at the Ink People Center for the Arts, 517 3rd Street, Suite 36, Eureka, Calif. (on the 3rd floor, an elevator is available). The Gazebo is two blocks away, at 2nd and F streets. View map here. Interested? Start at the Ink People, we'll post signs to indicate where the gathering will take place.

Today's weather forecast does not include next Sunday's weather, but it looks as if weather will improve toward the weekend. I'm not entirely confident in the forecast, however, since this weekend's forecast was entirely wrong. Springtime weather in Eureka is anybody's guess, but that's part of the fun.
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