Monday, December 27, 2010

Tōji: Winter Solstice

image of full moon seen through pine trees

Clear, cold winter night
Bright lantern hangs from a branch
Full moon through the pines

November and December have been busy months for us. We missed having our monthly demonstrations, but with Holidays, birthdays, teaching and a Chaji it was good that we postponed them until January.

It is so easy to get swept up in life’s busy pace -- holiday parties, wrapping gifts, grocery shopping -- that it is difficult to remember what is important. No matter how busy, this time of year invites reflection as well as celebration, to take a moment to remember the year behind us. For us, this year has been rich and full of experience. In the spring, Harvey-Sensei was able to further his studies with Hirose-Sensei in Tokyo. Horiai Center enjoyed a summertime visit from our friend/teacher/colleague Matsui-Sensei and her good friend Naito-san. We were their tour guides on California’s beautiful North Coast; with us they shared many things, including tea ceremonies, cooking and kimono dressing. In the autumn we began monthly Tea Ceremony demonstrations at the Ink People Center for the Arts.

Now here we are in winter, pausing quietly for just a moment -- feeling Nature pause with us -- as we enter the New Year with anticipation of what can be, with hearts full of gratitude.
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