Monday, August 23, 2010

Chabako, California-Style

Last winter, Harvey-Sensei taught us Unohana Chabako or "picnic tea," as it is sometimes called. It is a temai meant to be enjoyed outdoors. We were able to enjoy chabako on several occasions this year. In the spring we enjoyed chabako at a Tango-no-sekku (Boy's Day) garden party. In July, Harvey presented chabako to his friends at their annual group camp-out:

Photo by Lauraven Dodd
In August, we took our friends Midori-sensei and Noriko-san to Redwood National Park and enjoyed tea in the redwood forest:

Preparing for chabako
Harvey-san makes tea, Noriko-san takes video
The view from our picnic area. What finer kakemono is there?

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