Friday, June 11, 2010

Save the date for a possible Horai fundraiser!

On August 1st, the Ink People Center for the Arts (Horai's foster organization) is holding a fundraiser, and we can get in on the action! The Ink People is still in temporary quarters after their offices were damaged by January's big quake. Their quake-rattled offices are not slated to be repaired any time soon and they may soon need to find more permanent offices. Naturally this is all a huge strain on their budget.

I'm thinking we can make bowls of tea for donations. It will be great to get us out there and visible to the public, plus it will endear us to the Ink People and maybe even raise a little cash for both worthy causes! This event is also intended to promote the Ink People to the public at large and showcase the work they do with DreamMaker programs such as Horai.

Mark your calendar! Put on your thinking caps! Let's get the ideas flowing!!

Here's the scoop from Tanya at the Ink People:

Hello All DreamMaker Programs

I am writing to you to request your assistance and involvement in The Ink Peoples next Fundraiser.
On August 1st we will be throwing "The Golden Road Art & Music Fair."

Shoshanna at Redwood Raks has offered her space for free.
Dave Ferney at Arcata Play House has offered their space for free.
Thus (Thankfully) the event will take place at The Old Creamery Building.

My plan thus far.... is to run the event from noon until midnight.
I have a letter in to the owners of the building requesting the use of the parking lots off L Street & 9th Street for an outdoor street fair.
If they deny us the use of the parking lots, we will simply apply to have 9th Street closed between L & N street (not the least expensive way of doing it, but still doable.)

The daytime part of the event (noon to 8pm) would be outdoors and in the Arcata Play House.
It would include....
*music on an outdoor stage
*and other art forms (dance, spoken word, circus arts) in the Play House
*Up to 60 vendors, mostly arts & crafts and some food
*A large kid zone with crafts, puppet shows, dress up zone, face painting, circus arts workshops, etc...
All to be concluded by a fire show (if management allows) and drum circle

The Ink people would stand to make money off of the vendors fees and their own vending table of goods.

The night time part (8pm to midnight) would include:
* a sliding scale $5 to $10 fee to get into Redwood Raks to see live music by: 2 bands
(The Miracle Show would headline... not sure who would open yet but I have many offers)
* a table with t-shirts and cards
* a beer bar (for sale!!!)
* a food table (w/food for sale???)
* and a photo both
* with a Jerry Garcia/ Janis Joplin Look-a-like contest (Prizes ????)

What I need from you is your assistance on any level that you feel comfortable:
Entertaining & Sharing what your DreamMaker Program does
Planning & Organizing
Calling possible sponsors to raise funds to keep the day time part of the event free to the public
Helping to Manage the event
Volunteering at the event for any amount of time that you can offer as security, set up, clean up, booth, back stage, bar, food etc...
Your Talents- circus, music, handyman, accounting... I will take you all!!!!!
What Ever You Have To Offer!!!!!!

Thanks so much
You know where to find me.
Tanya "T" Nordberg
Programs Manager
The Ink People Center for the Arts
517 3rd Street Suite 36 Eureka, CA 95501
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