Saturday, August 22, 2009

So, where do you get your Matcha?

Weekly Tea ceremony practice with four or five people will use up a tin of tea in short order so we're always looking for good and affordable matcha. We often stock up when friends go to Portland or San Francisco, and until recently have ordered delicious tea from However, necessity dictates we broaden our tastes and shopportunities.

Here are some sites I found while cruising for new tea sources. Any recommendations? Comments are welcome!
We have tried Ippodo teas and found them to be of very good quality. The tea was sent as a gift from Sensei in Japan. We have not ordered directly from them. Who'da thunk that you could buy matcha from amazon?? I'm tempted.
We bought Shizuoka Tea from vending machines in and around Shizuoka. Very tasty.

EDEN Organic Matcha
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